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Building a stunning Shopify store? Great! But beauty alone won't bring buyers. It's time to tackle the real challenge: getting noticed in the crowded online market.

Many Shopify stores get lost in the noise, focusing too much on looks and not enough on visibility. A pretty site is nice, but if shoppers can't find you, it’s useless. This is where SEO steps in, turning your store into a traffic magnet.

The ecommerce market is booming, with 20.1% of global retail sales expected online in 2024. To cash in, your Shopify store needs top-notch SEO. Phresh SEO's expert services can drive organic traffic and boost sales, turning browsers into buyers.

By mastering search marketing, we’ll transform your website into a sales powerhouse. Our Shopify SEO experts will craft a winning strategy that maximises your online presence and sales potential.


Why Phresh SEO?


At Phresh SEO, we go beyond surface-level fixes. Our proven techniques, rooted in thorough technical audits, elevate your domain authority, traffic, and conversion rates. An SEO-friendly store attracts more than visitors; it draws qualified leads ready to buy. Our Shopify SEO campaigns consistently deliver the highest sales revenue per pound spent.

Our team will:

  • Pinpoint your target market
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research
  • Organise search terms into effective clusters
  • Create SEO-rich content with valuable links
  • Implement robust link-building strategies
  • Generate inquiries from ready-to-buy customers

Choose Phresh SEO to transform your ecommerce business into a sales juggernaut!


Tailored SEO for Unmatched Results


We know one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for SEO. Each brand is unique, requiring a customised strategy. Your account manager will use real-world data to drive traffic and improve rankings, guiding you through every step.

As the North East’s leading Shopify SEO agency, we provide comprehensive campaign analysis with monthly updates. Track your progress and see the revenue generated from our efforts.


Ranked #1 in Shopify SEO


We help businesses maximise their ROI with effective SEO strategies. With a 91% customer retention rate, we’re your best bet for ecommerce success.

No matter what you sell, our Shopify SEO service will help you reach your target audience, increase revenue, and drive conversions through Google's search results.


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Shopify SEO FAQ's


 1. What is a Shopify SEO agency?

A Shopify SEO agency, such as Phresh SEO, focuses on enhancing the SEO for ecommerce websites on the Shopify platform. Our services include keyword research, on-page optimisation, Technical SEO, link building, and content improvement to boost your site's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google.

2. How does SEO increase traffic to my Shopify store?

SEO can significantly increase traffic to your Shopify store by enhancing its visibility and ranking on search engines like Google. Here's how SEO drives more traffic:

Keyword Optimisation: By targeting relevant keywords in your website’s content, meta tag optimisation, and other on-page elements, including product page optimisation, you can improve your website’s visibility and ranking for those keywords, attracting more organic traffic from search engines.

Technical Optimisation: Conducting a technical SEO audit ensures your website is easily crawlable and indexable by search engines. Phresh SEO's technical audit will also optimise your Shopify store’s URL structure and site architecture, including product schema markups.

Link Building: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant websites increases your site’s visibility and authority, drawing more organic traffic from search engines.

Mobile Optimisation: With most traffic coming from mobile devices, optimising your site for mobile ensures it is accessible and readable on all devices, driving more traffic from mobile users.

By adhering to SEO best practices and continually optimising your website, you can improve its visibility and ranking on search engines, leading to increased traffic, sales, and revenue for your Shopify store.

3. Is it beneficial to invest in SEO services for my Shopify store?

Yes, investing in SEO services is highly beneficial for your Shopify store. Enhanced visibility and higher search rankings lead to more traffic and increased sales, offering a significant return on investment that often surpasses the initial costs.

4. Does blogging on Shopify help with SEO?

Absolutely, blogging on Shopify is essential for SEO. Consistently publishing blog posts with relevant keywords improves your site's visibility, attracts more organic traffic, and establishes your store as an authority in your market.

5. Why is keyword research crucial for ecommerce content on Shopify?

Keyword research is crucial because it identifies the terms potential customers use to find products like yours. By targeting these keywords, you can optimise your content to rank higher in search results, driving more relevant traffic to your store.

6. How can I enhance Shopify SEO with product descriptions?

Enhance your Shopify SEO by writing detailed, keyword-rich product descriptions. Focus on features, benefits, and unique selling points while naturally integrating relevant keywords to catch search engine attention and drive traffic.

7. What common SEO challenges do ecommerce websites face?

Ecommerce websites commonly face SEO challenges such as duplicate content, poor site structure, slow loading times, insufficient mobile optimisation, and improper keyword usage. Addressing these issues can greatly improve your site's search engine performance.

The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google.


After years of experience in larger agencies, we noticed a significant gap in the market for smaller companies and startups that didn't have a massive budget to allocate towards SEO. Many SMEs and startups understand the importance of SEO but find the barrier to entry too high.

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