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SEO CASE STUDY: Driving Growth For A UK Moving Company


Increase in Organic Traffic

visits in 6 months from organic listings

A London based moving company was facing quite a few challenges in attracting new customers through organic search.



The Initial Challenges


They were getting a decent amount of visitors and had an established website, but their overall visibility was poor and they struggled to maintain ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for their most relevant keywords. Competition was tough, and their website lacked proper strategy, which was hindering it's ability to get in front of their target audience effectively. There was also the next challenge of converting those visitors into actual customers. 


Our Approach


We decided to address this thing head on, hitting hard and fast in the areas we knew we could make improvements quickly. Here's what we did:

Keyword Research & Targeting: We did thorough research on the keywords they were currently being found for and identified many other high value, relevant search terms which we could go after, including more localised targeting. 

On Page Optimisation: First things first, we went through our technical SEO journey, making sure that all title tags, meta descriptions and content were correct and removed some of the many duplicate page titles. We improved the website structure and navigation to allow for a better user experience and crawlability. We implemented a local scheme markup and a few other nifty local tricks, but all within SEO best practices. No black hat here!

Focused Local Traffic Generation: London is a big place you now, so going after just "Moving Company London" wasn't our first port of call. We created multiple landing pages, using their main search terms but for hyper-local targeting. Each London Borough got it's own landing page, so the likes of Camden, Hackney and Wandsworth. We then went one step further, and created pages for former Boroughs which are generally still used, such as Shoreditch, Erith and Woolwich. We hit London hard.

Link Building And Off Page Optimisation: We got a high volume of high quality, authoritative backlinks through outreach and PR. These backlinks not only gave us greater authority for the site but many of them actually drove leads. We optimised all local citations as a recent move meant that some were still showing an old address and phone number. 

Enhancing Local SEO and Google Business Profile Listings:

  • Google Business Profile Optimisation: We fully optimised their Google Business Profile, changing the address to ensure that the NAP was aligned across all channels. We posted content every other day to ensure the profile was active and introduced a discount code that could be used on the Google Business Profile. Oh, and it was used!

  • Google Reviews: We asked the company to email all of their customers who had used their services within the past 2 years and request a Google Review. From 0 to over 200 reviews within 3 months helped massively.

We knew we had to go hard or go home with this one!


The Results


We actually outdid ourselves with this one:

61% Increase in Organic Traffic: And not over a year, this was within a 3 month period. 

18,000+ more clicks: During the 3 month period, we generated 18,000 more clicks than the previous 3 months. So, over 6,000 per month, on average.

Google Business Profile Discount Code: The discount code was used over 120 times during the 3 month period, showing how important having a fully optimised profile actually is. People use it! 

Top 3 Positions: At the end of the 3 month contract, we had achieved an additional 93 top 3 positions on Google, not quite hitting that hundo! These were mainly for the landing pages for each of the Boroughs.


Why We Succeeded


Our success in this project can be attributed to a few key factors:

Data Driven Strategy: We based our approach on thorough data analysis and a deep dive in keyword research. We analysed competitors and a whole host of website performance metrics. This is what lead us to the tailored page strategy and focus our work around this. 

Comprehensive Approach: We addressed all aspects of SEO with this one, including on-page optimisations, technical SEO, link building, local SEO and even threw in a bit of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) for good measure. Nothing was overlooked!

Experience: These opportunities wouldn't have been spotted if it wasn't for our years of experience in SEO, both client and agency side. In fact, the two previous SEO agencies who managed this website didn't spot these, so we're pretty proud of the way we did all of this within 3 months. 

An Open Client: We worked closely with the marketing manager to make sure we weren't overstepping our boundaries when it came to adding over 100 new pages to the site. Thankfully, our vision was completely bought into and it allowed for a smooth (ish) ride.




The success of this SEO campaign demonstrates the power of a well executed strategy to drive growth. 

We are looking forward to working with them again as they expand into new markets in the very near future. 

Results like these are not always possible within such a short space of time, this client invested quite considerably in a short space of time to ensure their growth plans were met. 

Footnote - I dealt with this company while working for an agency, which was over 12 months ago. They have reached out to me personally since leaving said agency to help them with their expansion. 


The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google.


After years of experience in larger agencies, we noticed a significant gap in the market for smaller companies and startups that didn't have a massive budget to allocate towards SEO. Many SMEs and startups understand the importance of SEO but find the barrier to entry too high.

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