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CASE STUDY: Solicitors Featured Snippet Optimisation Strategy


Increase in Organic Traffic

More enquiries per month (on average)

In December 2022, we took over the SEO efforts for a solicitors that was already ranking in the top 5 on Google for a few important keywords in their industry, but lagged behind on many others.

Our strategy focused on optimising their existing content to better position it for featured snippets related to the keywords they were already ranking well for organically. We decided that capturing featured snippets for keywords they already had top 5 positioning for could unlock a boost in visibility and traffic.



The Implementation


Our approach centred around three key tactics:

  1. Providing clear, direct answers: We restructured the content to deliver succinct paragraphs or bullet points that directly answered potential voice search queries in a straightforward manner. This involved condensing some of the more lengthy explanations into punchy, easy-to-understand snippets.
  2. Developing extensive FAQ pages: We built out comprehensive FAQ-style content hubs around researched keywords for voice search questions related to legal topics the firm focused on. These pages compiled Questions and answers in a logical, scannable format primed for featured snippets.
  3. Optimising for readability: Throughout the content revisions, we prioritised a conversational, natural language tone that avoided legal jargon whenever possible. Formatting like headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs made it easy to scan and comprehend the key takeaways.

The Results


The organic traffic chart above shows the dramatic impact these featured snippet-focused changes had. We began seeing traffic increases in February 2023 as the new content strategy took effect.

By May 2023, just a few months after implementation, the site's average monthly organic traffic had nearly doubled compared to the previous year. This spike represented the capturing a number of featured snippets for important keywords, driving more voice search visibility.

Organic traffic continued its grow over the next year, with regular increases culminating in a peak of over 2,300 average monthly visits in November 2023 - more than treble the starting level when we began the project. Clearly, our focus on featured snippet optimisation successfully allowed the firm's content to capitalise on the growing voice search landscape.

In summary, by restructuring content to provide clear answers, developing robust FAQ sections, and prioritising readability, this client achieved a dramatic increase in organic search traffic driven by featured snippet rankings. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of tailoring a content strategy to unlock the potential of voice search and position your business for increased discoverability and engagement in the years ahead.


Please note - This wasn't the only strategy which we implemented when taking over on this account, but the impact this change had, in taking over 80 featured snippet positions had a direct impact on the results.

  • NDA doesn't allow us to name the client. 

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